Every parent wants to help their child fulfill their dreams and achieve their creative potential. For the young actor, the parent’s role can be all-encompassing. From being an “acting coach” to a professional liaison, the parent sets the tone for every professional experience, and must be able to build and maintain professional relationships. 

With an older teen, the professional expectations change. Suddenly, BOTH the parent and the teen are responsible for the role of “professional liaison.”  How you BOTH communicate with agents, managers, casting, directors, producers directly impacts the teen’s career.     

The Challenge

  1. Most parents are not professionally trained for the true demands of job. Even the best intentions cannot provide the competitive edge that most parents want for their child. 

  2. Most teens do not possess the interpersonal communication skills necessary to build the professional relationships that will advance their career.  At this point in their development, the teen is not only expected to deliver outstanding work in the casting room, but also to have impeccable professional interactions (often the determining factor for success in this field). 

The Solution

The Teen Track in our Building a Dream Team professional training program: 

  1. Provides teens with the skills and tools to deliver an electrifying and unforgettable audition.

  2. Simultaneously provides BOTH parent and teen with a proven approach to professional business communication, essential to building a successful acting career



About the program:

Building a Dream Team: Revolutionizing the Way Young Actors Achieve Their Dreams is a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity expertly designed by Kristin Tanzer (performance coach/educator) and Randi Glass (Casting Director). 

Using our extensive experience in training both adults and young actors/children, we have crafted this highly specialized program. This program offers four-months of continuous training that provides participants with the essential skills and tools they need to gain a competitive edge. 

What is truly revolutionary about this program is that we are developing/training the parent and teen simultaneously



  • Learn a powerful technique for outstanding on-camera work. Namely, how to bring yourself fully to a moment with subtlety and raw vitality...on the first take

  • Work creatively in a conservatory-style approach 

  • Maximize spontaneity, focus, and presence--the key elements of a powerful performance

  • Gain a proven approach to professional business communication:

    • Connect and build rapport with professional contacts 

    • Project confidence and credibility

    • Develop more incisive listening skills

    • Manage nervousness and maintain focus



  • Learn vital communication skills enabling them to build better relationships with their child’s manager/agent and other professional contacts

  • Learn to maintain poise and control, even in challenging interpersonal situations

  • Gain stronger listening skills

  • Parents will learn to project a level of confidence that changes the way others respond to your words, actions, and professional contributions




New Dates Coming Soon

  • On-site workshops take place on Sundays
  • Off-site sessions held via Skype/FaceTime/Phone

The program includes four months of: 

  • On-site experiential workshops
  • Remote work sessions (Skype/FaceTime/phone)
  • Independent assignments
  • Self-taping assignments
  • Feedback and assessment sessions
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • A professional personality slate
  • A culminating actor-to-agent workshop


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