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What happens when you put a CASTING DIRECTOR and a PERFORMANCE COACH in the same room? 

Actors book work. 

A successful audition depends on...

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...the ability of an actor to be present and spontaneous while simultaneously meeting the demands of the Casting Director.

That’s why coaching that directly addresses both of these aspects simultaneously has the greatest impact.

And, that’s why we coach as a team.
Casting Director, Randi Glass, brings 10 years experience in film, TV and commercials. Performance Coach, Kristin Tanzer, brings 15 years experience in training and directing actors.

Together, we give our coaching clients:

1) A concrete way to bridge the gap between acting and auditioning.

2) A reliable way to bring themselves fully to a moment--with all that that entails.

Here are a few ways our clients are using coaching:

  • Audition Prep
  • Performance development
  • Addressing specific acting challenges 
  • Shooting/Set Prep
  • On-set Coaching 
  • Self Taping




Sessions can take place in-person (New York City) or remotely by Skype, and include studio space, a digital copy of your on-camera work.

Sessions include studio space and a digital copy of your on-camera work, and can take place in-person (New York City), or remotely by Skype.
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