On-Camera Intensive, taught by Randi Glass and Kristin Tanzer

Beyond Presence: The Key to the Standout Audition

Star quality… Is it talent or technique?  Do you have to be born with it, or can it be learned?

In this exciting 4-hour intensive you will learn from casting director, Randi Glass and performance coach, Kristin Tanzer that the key to standing out and projecting “star quality” is within your reach.  

This highly interactive workshop will deconstruct the qualities that make an actor outstanding, and teach you a tangible technique to get there.

Designed specifically for the actor who is ready to take their work and career to the next level, this intensive workshop tackles the deeper issues facing the screen actor. Instead of focusing on broad-stroke adjustments, we will dive into the essential elements that make for an electrifying and unforgettable audition. Namely, how to bring yourself fully to a moment with all of the subtlety and raw vitality of a real person...on the first take.

The workshop will start with a simulated on-camera audition, run by Randi Glass. Using the audition as a jumping off point, we will delve into the key elements of a powerful performance. Our focus will be on giving you concrete, tangible tools that will work in every audition, whether it’s for a comedy or drama, for television or the big screen. This is a learning by doing workshop. Students will be on their feet, immediately applying the process, and receiving highly-individualized feedback and coaching from both instructors throughout the day. Following the class, students will receive a digital copy of all their on-camera work. 

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Date: Coming Soon!

Time: 10am - 2pm

Location: Actors Connection
630 9th Avenue, Suite 1410 (btw 44th + 45th Streets)

***Space is strictly limited to 8 actors.