Get the big picture!

In response to the many requests we receive for additional services for industry professionals, we are pleased to offer consulting services to our clients. Whether you are an actor looking for a new way to position yourself in the market, or a filmmaker trying to elicit exceptional performances from your actors--we can help. 

In addition to our own areas of expertise, we also work with a highly selective group of screenwriters, directors, producers, photographers, and film/television editors to help our clients take control of their public image and career path. 

For Actors:

  • Advice on casting, agents, and other business contacts

  • Reels--from review/advice to editing/producing

  • Picture/Resume review

  • Understanding the pros/cons of LA vs NYC

  • And, a wide array of other topics. Just ask! If we don't have the answers, we will connect you with someone who will.

For Filmmakers: 

  • Ensuring your actors' performances are authentic, powerful and precise

  • Providing essential tools for communicating effectively with actors

  • Producing support


Remote Consulting

Special Rate: $105/hour through July!

For more info about our Consulting Services or to schedule an in-person session: