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on camera workshops

Our approach at ONE TAKE is unlike any other you will find. Rooted in 10-years of casting Film, Television and Commercials and 15-years of training and directing actors, Randi and Kristin have created a revolutionary and highly effective approach to on-camera work.

Our workshops are structured much like a private coaching session. We prioritize the individual needs of each participant and offer a high-intensity, highly interactive, hands-on experience. Class sizes are kept very small. Fewer students = higher impact. 

At the end of every workshop, participants walk away with a practical and powerful skill-set that will propel their work to an entirely new level.

These are workshops that change careers, and change lives. 

Topics include: 

  • Delivering a standout audition.
  • High-stakes performance: from auditioning to the unique demands on-set  
  • Relationships on-camera: how to authentically connect (even when there’s no one there!) 
  • Organic, fully embodied character development: discovering and portraying the depth and nuance of your role


Take 2 - The Art of the Second Take

Under 5/Day Player - Audition Intensive

Beyond Presence: The Key to the Standout Audition